Tokyo Bookbinding Club







The Tokyo Bookbinding Club was formed in May,1999 in Tokyo,
principally as a society for all people who are interested in bookbinding. Information and research achievements provided by the members not only in Japan but around the world are posted on our website. The newsletter has renewed in 2008. The Club publishes unbound manuscripts and others around twice a year.
Membership All people, professional or amateur, who are interested in bookbinding, including bookbinders, designers, book restorers, book lovers, librarians, curators, writers, editors, researchers and students. Each member develop his/her interest towards bookbinding and to the hand bound book (Reliure d’art), and proactively commit to the transmission of information and to the Club’s activity.


holding, hosting and managing exhibitions of books.
holding workshops and lectures to introduce various techniques and culture to enjoy bookbinding.
mediating the exchange among domestic and international fellows and groups who are interested in the hand bound book (Reliure d’art)
holding regular meetings
General annual meeting and irregular meetings are planned.)
publishing unbound manuscripts mainly on the hand bound book ( Reliure d?art ).
transmitting up-to-date information on the Internet.
researching and editing a glossary of bookbinding.

Annual membership fee 4000 yen.
We also receive donations. Transmission donations together with the membership fee would be sincerely appreciated. Membership is renewed on a year-to-year basis. This year’s subscription period is from 1 June to 31 May. Please mail to the secretariat for membership’s detail.

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Events, exhibitions and lectures organised by the TOKYO BOOKBINDING CLUB established 1999.

24 June 2010 Tour “Tokyo Leather Fair”

10 May 2010 Tour “Leather factories in Himeji” Visit to leather factories for tanning, chrome tanning and white tanning. Sanyo Leather Co.Ltd., Shin Toshi Curriery

3-9 May 2010 Exhibition “The Tokyo Bookbinding Club 6th International Bookbinding Exhibition, Leather binding, today” First TBC’s exhibition held in Kansai, focused on leather binding. 75 leather bound books of 45 members were exhibited in the Sister City Corner/Exhibiton Room, Kyoto International community House

Lectures 4 May 2010 “Talk about leather bound books” given by Tosio Ohie
5 May 2010 “About adhesive, from starch glue to synthetic glue” given by Eiji Suzuki held in a seminar room on the 3rd floor, Kyoto International community House

25 October 2009 “To cook starch glue. Japanese Painting vs Tokyo Bookbinding Club’ – What is Shofunori? – demonstration and discussion”, Toyo Institute of Art

29 April – 6 May 2009 Exhibition “The Tokyo Bookbinding Club 5th Exhibition – Japanese Paper and the Art of Books” Co-exhibition?”Binding books using Washi” which exhibited books made of only hand-made Japanese paper. 108 works of 47 members and of 8 groups of Washi producers were exhibited, in Kumin Gallery, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo

4 May 2009 Gathering to commemorate the 10th anniversary Activitiy record of the Tokyo Bookbinding Club, ‘ Visit to the exhibition on Florent Rousseau and the museum Plantin-Moretus’ by Keiko Fujii, ‘Visit to Anna Amalia Library” by Koji Okamoto centre for small and medium-sized enterprise’s conference room

6 March – 25 April 2009 Exhibition “Book, beauty of it’s structure – traditional Japanese binding and bookbinding in contemporary Japan”, an exhibition of a library’s rare books and of imaginative bookbinding whose theme was binding structure. Co-held with Meiji University’s library at Central Library’s gallery, Meiji University.

18 June 2007 The Tokyo Bookibinding Club Reporting session 2007. Reports on several issues such as “On original backing press”?”London correspondence”?”Exhibition ‘Reliure de Washi’ in Riom” “Forms of and binding of Japanese classic books “, some topics reported with screen image, Nihonbashi Kumin Centre

6 – 11 March 2007 The Tokyo Bookbinding Club’s 4th Exhibition “Country of Books, Shape of Books/Reliure a la japonaise: la tradition et la creation” Special exhibition on the forms and binding of Japanese classic books, and a corner for free production. 196 works of 61 members were exhibited. 10 March 2007 Lecture”Forms and binding of Japanese classic books” given by Setsuo Kushige. 10,11 March 2007 Demonstration on Japanese book binding Kumin Gallery, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo

16,17 September 2006, 19 September – 14 October 2006 Les 3R: Riom, Reliures, Recontres ‘Reliure de Washi:Paiper japonais’ ,a reconstruction of the 2004 exhibition. Works of 29 members were exhibited.Works were projected in the library for citizens after a 2-day event on Japan which includes lectures and workshops. Bibliotheques de Riom Communaute, Riom, France. 6-17 June 2006
Exhibition “Double Bush Binding”
Book that features stories written by Paul Wenz designed from over 100 bookbinders from 9 countries.
[Waseda Gallery + Exhibition Room:Waseda university Center for Scholarly Information , Tokyo]

Double Bush Binding

“Double Bush Binding”, organized by BEA (Bookbinding Exhibitions Australia Inc.), is to feature novels written by Paul Wenz. This exhibition consists of two parts: showing unbound books of these texts written in English and French and printed on handmade papers with etchings by Daniel Pata, Michael Kempson and Rew Hanks, and fine bindings of the texts.

Over 100 bookbinders from 9 countries (Australia, France, Japan, New Zealand, U.S.A., Canada, Estonia, Netherlands, Belgium) participated in this project.

In Japan, this international exhibition is to show these two parts with one additional part “odor of soil” as related theme to “bush”. This part exhibits Aboriginal handmade papers, Australian literature, and Australian culture concerning books.

Geographically speaking, neither Australia nor Japan is near its originated place, Europe.
By looking at bound books from different countries, we will hear voices from each binders, and from the earth…

Tuesday 6 – Saturday 17 June 2006 10:00-18:00
Saturday 17 until 4pm, Closed on Sunday 11

Waseda Gallery Ono Azusa Memorial Hall 1F, 1-6-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-8050

Waseda Center for Scholarly Information – Exhibition Room
1-6-1-2F Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-8050

Organizers : Institute of Australian Studies, Waseda University
Tokyo Bookbinding Club
Sponsor : Australian Embassy
Support : Qantas Airways
Cooperation : Jiyunomori Gakuen
Planning : BEAÅiBookbinding Exhibitions AustraliaÅj
2006 Australia-Japan Year of Exchange

Contact: Tokyo Bookbinding Club

Australia Research Centre, Waseda University
TEL: 03-5286-9880

Double Bush Binding

16 January 2006
The Tokyo Bookbinding Club Reporting session 2005
Presentations from 5 members on international competitions and forums
[Nihonbashi Social Education Center, Tokyo]

31 May – 5 June 2005
Exhibition “The Tokyo Bookbinding Club 3rd Exhibition”
Exhibition focused on unbound books (“Sleeping books”) and 173 books created by 75 members (“Dressing books”).
[Citizen Gallery / Meguro museum of Art , Tokyo]

16 February 2005
“National Diet Library tour : incunabula collection and Conservation department”
To see incunabula and incunabula leaves owned by the library as well as tour of Conservation department.
[National Diet Library, Tokyo]

1 November 2004
Lecture “Structural Bookbinding”
Lecture given by France-based bookbinder Sun Evrard who has been working on fundamental structures.
Lecturer : Sun Evrard
[Nihonbashi Social Education Center, Tokyo]

21 July 2004
“Tokyo Metropolitan Leather Technology Center tour”
To watch the video of leather making process, to visit the leather making facility and laboratory, and to see the exhibition room.
[Tokyo Metropolitan Leather Technology Center, Tokyo]

18 May – 4 July 2004
Exhibition “Bookbinding with Washi paper”
Books made with handmade washi paper provided from members of the society of handmade paper.
[Exhibition Gallery, Paper Museum, Tokyo]

20 March 2003
Lecture “Title for Leather Binding”
Lecture on the basic of titling for leather binding.
Lecturer : Toshio Oie
[Nihonbashi Social Education Center, Tokyo]

2 July 2003
“Tokusyu Paper Co., Ltd. and PAM tour”
Visit to their paper factory and their exhibition site, PAM.
[Tokusyu Paper Co., Ltd., Mishima, Shizuoka]

8 – 13. April 2003
“The Tokyo Bookbinding Club Exhibition”
Exhibition for Tokyo Bookbinding Club Members.
[Citizen Gallery / Meguro museum of Art , Tokyo]

11 August 2002
Lecturer : Makoto Kitani (Art Historian)
[Machida Citizen Forum, Tokyo]

6 – 11 August 2002
“The Exhibition for Book Lover and Bookbinder”
[Citizen Exhibition Room / Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo ]

27 November – 14 December 2001
“500 years of the Pocket Edition Book”
Part of the Touring Exhibition the exhibition in Tokyo on July 2001.
With additional work from T.B.C.members.
Lecturer : Makoto Kitani (Art Historian)
Work shops ” Hard rebinding the soft cover pocket edition book”
Lecturer : Keiko Fujii (Artist)
[Tezukayamagakuin University Library, Osaka]

27 October 2001
“Book Conservation in The Bodleian Library, Oxford, England”
Joint project with the T.B.C. and “The Soicety for the Study of Classics ”
Study tour at Koyasan University .
Lecturer : Robert G. Minte
[The 3rd Meeting room / Koyasan University, Wakayama]

21 September 2001
“Bookbinding Studio Study Tour”
Study tour for The Miyata Bindery .
[The Miyata Bindery, Tokyo]

31 July, 4 ,5 August 2001
Work shops
” Hard rebinding the soft cover pocket edition book” ( 4 workshops )
Lecturer : Yo Yamazaki (Bookartist)
“Making cloth covers for the pocket edition book” (2 workshops)
Lecturer : Eiko Nakao ( Book Designer / Marble Papaer Designer)
[Citizen Exhibition Room / Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo]

4 August 2001
Lecturer : Makoto Kitani (Art Historian)
[Machida Citizen Forum, Tokyo]

31.July – 5 August 2001
“500 years of the Pocket Edition Book”
An exhibition celebrating the 500th year of the Pocket Edition Book concieved by
Aldus Manutius. Featuring 22 works by 21 T.B.C. members.
[Citizen Exhibition Room / Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo]

7. April 2001
“Variations in Eastern Book Design (Bookbinding)” Form , function and materials.
Lecturer: Toshitake Yoshino (Traditional Oriental Book Conservator)
[Meeting room / OZU Japanese paper shop & Museum, Tokyo]

12 – 17. December 2000
“The Tokyo Bookbinding Club Exhibition”
Exhibition for Tokyo Bookbinding Club Members. 107 works,by 53 members.
[Citizen Gallery / Setagaya Museum, Tokyo]

25. July 2000
Lecture with samples
“Leather Bindings at the Begining of the Showa Period(1926-1963)”
The event for “Publisher’s Leather Bookbindings in Japan ” at Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts.
Lecturer : Makoto Kitani (Art Historian)
[Machida Citizen Forum, Tokyo]

24. July 2000
Illustrated lecture.
“Bookbinding 2000”
Report on the Conference and Exhibition “Bookbinding 2000” Rochester, New York, U S A.
Recent bindings by Fellows and Licentiates of Designer Bookbinders, UK.
Lecturer : Mark Cockram ( Bookbinder, Bookartist, UK. ) [Kyobashi Plaza Municipal hall, Tokyo]

26. June – 1. July 2000
“Fine Books”- Exhibition organized by Tokyo Bookbinding Club
Exhibition of Fine Bound Books and Fine Printed books for binding.
Featuring 35 works by 22 members of the T.B.C .
[Kitazawa Gallery, Jinbo-cho, Tokyo]

27.March 2000
“Bookbinding for Books and Books for Bookbinding”
Lecturer : Toshio Ohie( Bookbinder )
[Ginza Municipal Hall, Tokyo]

29. Nov. 1999
Video lecture.
“Traditional Craft Bookbinding – Kent, England” (NHK* Video )
Lecturer : Koji Okamoto ( Bookbinder, Paper conservator )
[Kyobashi Plaza Municipal, Tokyo]
* NHK = Nippon Hoso Kyokai (The Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

4. Oct. 1999
Illustrated lecture.
“The Crossed-Structure Binding and Techniques of Decorative Paper Making”
Lecturer : Carmencho Arregui ( Bookbinder)
[Kyobashi Municipal Hall, Tokyo]

1. Oct.1999
“L’ exposition des reliures d’ Art Japonaises comtemporaines.”
Half day exhibition featuring work by 29 members of the T.B.C.
AIB JAPAN 99 ( International conference )
[“Saiun” / Hotel New Otani, Tokyo ]